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Professional Cat Grooming

Professional cat grooming might sounds like a crazy idea as cats are always licking and cleaning themselves. However, just because they’re always cleaning doesn’t mean that they are grooming.

Grooming involves getting rid of matted fur that can become uncomfortable, clipping claws, washing fur to get rid of bugs and get them smelling fresh and clean. These are not things cats can do without your input.

Why Use A Professional Cat Groomer?

It’s actually a myth that cats groom themselves. When they lick, cats slather their fur in saliva which is full of germs and bacteria. When cats lick themselves they end up with furballs which later end up vomited on the floor.

Cats are generally unable to clean matted areas of their fur which can become quite uncomfortable and lead to aggression. 

It’s actually good for your cat’s health to get them groomed regularly as a professional groomer can check their coat for signs of infection or parasites.


Your cat’s claws can get long and sharp. Cat’s claws need to be clipped when they get long and sharp to save your furniture. It also prevents them getting their claw stuck in carpet, which can be rather painful. Trimming claws also prevents their claws from becoming infected.

If they are left too long, the pink area becomes longer. Trimming them regularly will get the quick to recede. Professional cat groomers recommend trimming them every 4-6 weeks. 

Brushing and Trimming

It is advised that a cat’s fur should be brushed weekly at a minimum, especially if your cat has long hair. On top of weekly brushing, getting your cat professionally groomed at least once every quarter will ensure that no matted areas build up and they don’t end up with fleas.

Bathing Cats

Cats need a bath if they have fleas, skin conditions, or dirty fur. Professional cat groomers have special holding techniques that minimize stress in cats when bathing them. 

Ear Care

Ear care is carried out by a professional cat groomer to check for any conditions that make it uncomfortable. They’ll check the inner and outer ear for any signs of redness, ear wax, bald patches, bleeding or swelling. If there is anything to worry about, they’ll refer your kitty to a vet.

Dental Care

Like humans, cats need to have their teeth and gums checked. Some professional cat groomers clean cat’s teeth to prevent a build up of plaque. 

Cat Shaving

It’s not always necessary to get your cat shaved, but in some cases it can be beneficial if the weather is particularly hot. Professional groomers will clip a cat using fine clippers if it has a skin infection or fleas. 

There are different types of cut. The most famous one is probably the lion cut.

The Lion Cut

The lion cut is where a cat’s body and leg fur is clipped, leaving the head and end of tail so that it resembles a lion. The main reason someone would give their cat a lion cut is if their skin is extremely matted which is causing them discomfort.

Some people believe that shaving their cat will keep them cool in the summer. It’s a myth that cutting a cat’s fur stops them from getting too hot. In fact, a cat’s fur is what keeps them cool. If their fur is clipped completely, they’ll be vulnerable to getting burned from the sun. 

The Comb Cut

The comb cut shaves the same areas as the lion cut, but the groomer uses attachments with the clippers so that it doesn’t shave close to the skin. The comb cut is also referred to as the teddy bear trim or plush trim. 

The comb cut is ideal for cats with medium to long hair. Short-haired cats can benefit if their fur is particularly thick. 

Comb cuts are for cats that don’t have any matted areas, and should only be done by a professional groomer who will prepare the cat’s coat by bathing and washing them first.

Enhanced Pattern Cut

If your cat has interesting patterning, getting a professional to cut their fur along the pattern lines can enhance its beautiful stripes.

Dinosaur or Dragon Cut

For a real novelty style you can get your kitty styled up to to look like a dragon. This involves clipping both sides and then chopping into the mohawk at intervals to make it look like a stegosaurus. The dragon cut is ideal for cats with problem fur that mats and produces furballs.

Handling Aggressive Cats

If your cat doesn’t enjoy being handled and becomes scared and aggressive, it’s probably best to visit a cat groomer. Cat groomers have special holding techniques which keep the kitty relaxed. Good cat groomers also don’t need to sedate a cat when they groom them. 

A good cat groomer will be unfazed by even the rattiest feline. They can tame a cat just by holding it a certain way so that it doesn’t feel restricted. While bathing, drying and shaving a cat, a professional cat groomer will work with the cat as it moves. If a cat rolls onto its side suddenly, they’ll move onto the other side. It’s all about doing what the cat is comfortable with. If the grooming session starts to distress the cat, the groomer will put down their tools and let them relax for a few minutes.

Professional Cat Grooming Tools

You might be wondering what equipment a professional cat groomer uses. The types of products you’ll find in their arsenal include:

  • Cat Combs
  • Cat brushes
  • Nail clippers
  • Fur clippers
  • Cat shampoo
  • Cat bath
  • Cat fur drier

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Closing Words

We hope today has given you a good insight into why it makes sense to consider using a professional cat grooming service for your beloved kitty.

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