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Pitbull Dog Supplies

Pitbulls are the most misunderstood breed of dog. Anyone who has had the opportunity to get to know a pittie knows what a gentle, loving and loyal breed they are.

It’s truly heart-breaking to see people shy away from a pitbull in the street just because they’ve bought into the stereotypes displayed in the media. We know that aggression in any dog boils down to the way the owner treats him or her. So we’re going to forget the haters, spread the pitbull love and explore the various things we can buy to walk, train, and treat our besties. 

In order to fight the stereotype of badly behaved, aggressive dogs we need to train our pitbulls to be on their best behavior. Some people think that the pitbull is one breed of dog, but it actually encompasses a range of breeds such as American pitbull terrier, American bulldog, and the American Stafford pitbull. 


Pit bulls can be quite hyper and powerful, especially if they have a lot of pent-up energy. Many people mistake this exuberance for aggression. The trick to manage an energetic pit bull is to walk it regularly, especially in the morning. Due to the stubbornness and high-energy, many dogs tend to jerk and pull on the lead. Harnesses are ideal for pitbulls as they can’t hurt them like collars can. If a pitbull spots a rabbit or a bird and tries to make a dash, sudden tugging on the collar can put a strain on their neck and cause skin irritation.

If you need extra control you may find that a front-clip harness will do the job. Front-clip harness clip together at the front, the leash attaches to the back of the harness.

A dual-clip harness gives you more flexibility. If they are behaving and you don’t need so much control you can secure the harness with the back-clip. If they start tugging, you can switch to the front-clip harness. 

To keep your pitbull secure in the car, you’ll need a suitable car harness, this is a legal requirement in some states.

Harnesses come in different types of fabric. Reflective dog harnesses will help to keep your pitbull safe when walking it in the dark. For a more durable harness you may prefer to opt for Oxford cloth, while mesh ones are more comfortable, they’re not as hardy. Your decision will be based on how lively your pitbull is.


With a pitbull you’re probably going to be faced with continuous tugging as they spot squirrels, rabbits and birds. The proper leash for a pitbull is a strong durable lead made of material such as webbed nylon or leather. After all the last thing you need is for your lead to break and spend hours searching for your dog. Chain leads are another option, although they can end up with rust.

Some leads come with one or two handles, to give you a better grip and control over your dog. Two-handled leads are great if you want to ease off on the lead, you can tighten up the lead with the shorter handles if you need to reign him or her in.


It may be a good idea to have a muzzle to hand in case your pitbull becomes stressed for any reason. While a dog may look intimidating with a muzzle on, it can reassure passersby and it’ll show them that you’re a responsible owner. However, the American Kennel Club strongly advises against using it to deal with a behavioral problem. In some states, certain breeds must be muzzled in public so you’ll need to train your pitbull to accept it. 

Basket muzzles are probably the best type for a pitbull as they allow them to pant and breathe when they run. Strong, durable materials are the best for pitbulls such as metal, or rubber.


Nylon and leather collars are probably the most suitable material for a pitbull as they don’t put too much pressure on their throat when they tug. Chain collars can really hurt them if tugged too hard. Pitbull collars should be around 2 inches wide so that they don’t cut in when they or you pull on the lead. It’s essential that you check that the collar is fastened with a strong buckle made of metal not plastic. If the collar has a D-ring it must be strong and reliable.


Toys are ideal for reducing pent-up energy in your pitbull, and they keep them engaged and happy.

It’s usually a bit tricky to find toys that will withstand the force of a pitbull’s jaws. Many toys that claim to be indestructible can be demolished by a pitbull within a few hours. Strong rubber is probably the best material for a pitbull toy, and they love ones that are meat or bacon flavored. 

Rope toys are also ideal. Rope toys made into large knots should be able to take a good gnashing. One thing to remember is the toy must not be too small or made of materials that break up into little pieces as they can be a choking hazard.

Floating toys are great fun if your pitbull loves to swim. Flying toys will keep your dog entertained for hours and will ensure that they get a good run as well.

Training Equipment For Pitbulls

For a happy healthy pitbull, training your dog will not only promote model behavior, but will also stimulate your dog mentally, as well as build strength and muscle.

Agitation sticks are great if noise distracts your dog while training, and some have leather straps attached so they can have a good chew and tug.

Different types of clickers and whistles are also available to reinforce good behavior.  

To build strength and muscle pitbull weight training equipment such as weight-pulling harnesses and dumbbells are available online if you’re aiming to train your pitbull professionally. If you’re aiming to get your pitbull to compete equipment like this is ideal for weight pull competitions.

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Closing Words

We hope you’ve enjoyed this glimpse at what pitbull dog supplies you might need. We’ll be returning to this magnificent breed over coming weeks.

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