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Dog Anti-Bark Training Collars

As a dog owner, you’ll certainly be familiar with over-enthusiastic barking but you don’t need to suffer in silence.

If your dog is creating a nuisance by barking excessively, why not take action before you drive your neighbors crazy?

You have plenty of options at your disposal if you want to use a training collar. 

Teach your dog using:

  • Ultrasonic beeps
  • Gentle vibration
  • Progressive static shocks
  • Spray of citronella or unscented liquid

Many of the best training collars give you multiple functions with just one collar.

We’ll kick off by highlighting a broad cross-section of training collars. We’ll be covering more collars over the coming weeks but for the purposes of today, it’s all about stopping inappropriate barking the easy way.

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Top 10 Anti-Bark Training Collars

Alright! Now, let’s dive into the best product selection we researched for this topic.

Let’s go!

The Dogtra YS300 is one of the most popular anti-bark collars up for grabs but what makes it continue to fly off the shelves?

Firstly, the collar itself is light and won’t burden your pooch or irritate her skin. Since the lightweight plastic is also fully waterproof, training in the rain or down by the ocean present no problem.

With 6 levels of correction, you can discourage your dog from barking inappropriately with gentle static shocks. If this doesn’t appeal, hit vibration-only mode and keep your canine in check with no shock at all.

This collar works well for dogs of 10 pounds and upward.

Running on rechargeable batteries, you can charge up in 2 hours then benefit from days of use training.

Don’t forget to mix in plenty of treats and lots of hugs to keep your dog motivated when you’re training.

Key Benefits

  • Use either static correction or vibration only with this versatile collar
  • Compact and lightweight so won’t disturb your pooch
  • Outstanding price/performance ratio


While static shock correction can be an effective learning aid when combined with positive reinforcement, many pet owners are disinclined to cause their beloved animals any pain or suffering, however minor. This can present a problem if your dog starts barking excessively or otherwise misbehaving, though…

Vibration collars and spray collars are not always the best approach for all dogs so where does that leave you?

Luckily, with the FirstAlert Bark Genie, you can rely on ultrasonic sound to give your dog a piercing burst of noise you won’t be able to hear so he learns when it’s inappropriate to continue barking.

This training device is best used in confined spaces. Range is an underwhelming 15 feet so you won’t be able to use this handheld unit when you’re out on lengthy walks in open spaces.

Ideal for just about any dog, you’ll be able to train teacup breeds or large and wilful dogs with equal ease.

All you’ll need is a quartet of AAA batteries to get the most from this flexible and efficient training device offering a humane approach to bark correction.

Key Benefits

  • No static shock delivered so a completely humane training solution
  • Ideal for training at close quarters
  • Works well on all shapes and sizes of dog


Are you hunting for a cheap no-bark collar that won’t force you to compromise quality? If so, PetYeah has a superb and versatile solution.

You have the choice of using static shock or limiting correction to sounds and vibration only. If you opt for the shock mode, static correction is administered progressively until your dog stops barking for 30 seconds.

The bark recognition system in place eliminates the vast majority of false positives. You won’t find the collar activated at the sound of other dogs barking or by background noises.

You should not use this collar if you have a particularly aggressive dog. While it might appear counterintuitive, you shouldn’t use shock collars with this type of temperament.

Waterproof rated IP67 and covered with reflective strips, this collar is ideal in all conditions and even when it’s dark. 

Battery life extends to 10 days of training. Charging takes just 2 hours if you need to impart a quick burst of charge.

As with all training collars of this type, you should not leave the collar in place for longer than 12 hours daily.

Key Benefits

  • Choice of modes to suit your dog
  • Easy testing mode so make sure the collar is always primed for action
  • Quick charging and long battery life for your complete convenience


There’s every chance you own a Garmin fitness tracker or GPS but did you know they also sold highly effective no-bark dog collars?

Well, they do and the BarkLimiter Deluxe is an especially fine example.

One mode allows you to use static shocks to ratchet up the intensity until your dog realizes he should stop barking. 

Since not everyone agrees with this form of correction, Garmin gives you the choice of using vibration only to give your dog gentler encouragement.

Picking up purely the vibrations from your dog’s vocal chords, you shouldn’t get any false triggers at all. This ensures your furball is only corrected when he’s misbehaving. Background noise and the sound of neighborhood hounds will be tuned out.

Weighing just 2oz, your dog will find this collar no trouble at all to wear for extended training sessions.

Working well for all sizes and breeds of dogs, Garmin gives you a flexible experience at a reasonable price-point. What are you waiting for?

Key Benefits

  • Automated static correction delivered progressively
  • Option to use vibration only for more humane correction
  • Superlight collar ideal for extended use


Dog Care serves up a flexible and highly effective training collar allowing you to correct your dog’s behavior in the following ways:

  • Audible beep
  • Gentle vibration
  • Static shock

Not all dogs respond to the same type of stimulus so see what inspires the most dramatic changes in behavior.

For pet owners choosing to roll out static correction, this is progressive through 99 levels. Even if your dog is headstrong, start out at a gentle setting and work your way upward if necessary. We’re not here to convince you that you should or shouldn’t use static correction on your dog. That choice rests with you alone.

One thing worth reiterating is the need to complement your corrective measures with positive reinforcement. Punishment without reward is an ineffective strategy.

This bundle works well for pet owners with multiple dogs. Using a single transmitter, you can control up to 9 separate collars saving you money and making your life much easier.

You’ll benefit from 350-feet wireless range giving you ample room for maneuver. Battery life is a couple of weeks with standby of up to 45 days adding further to the convenience afforded by this training collar.

If you like taking your dog out when it’s raining or you tend to walk down by the ocean, you’ll appreciate the IP65 rating of this fully waterproofed collar.

Whether you want to stop your dog from barking excessively or you’re looking to correct his behavior in other areas, this is a versatile and highly effective training collar well worth popping on your shortlist.

Key Benefits

  • Choose from vibration, sound, or shock settings to suit
  • 99 levels of static correction so you can teach even the stubbornest dog
  • Train up to 9 dogs with a single receiver


SportDOG has a broad and deep bench of dog accessories and this is a strong contender for the best bark control collar on the market.

As long as your dog weighs 8 pounds and has at least a 6-inch neck, this collar will make a neat fit. At the upper end, you can accommodate dogs with necks to 28 inches.

Fully waterproofed and submersible to 25 feet, this collar is ideal if you walk your dog down by the water or when it’s raining. Finished in a soft plastic, you won’t end up irritating your furball’s skin either.

10 levels of static correction could be improved but still gives you adequate leeway for training purposes.

Auto shut-off kicks in if your dog continues barking uncontrollably. This is a valuable mechanism to prevent overcorrection. Another nice touch is the fact correction won’t be delivered unless the unit senses vibration from your dog’s vocal chords as well as picking up sound from barking.

This tough and flexible anti-bark collar is a sound choice even for larger dogs.

Key Benefits

  • 3 preset modes for push-button ease
  • 10 levels of static correction to discourage stubborn dogs from barking
  • Waterproof and fully submersible to 25 feet


While many pet owners have no objection to using static shock correction on anti-bark collars, others are not prepared to use these collars. 

This can present a problem if your dog won’t respond to ultrasonic tones or vibration, though.

A spray collar is a great alternative and gives you the option of using either citronella-based spray or unscented cartridges. When your dog barks too much, she’ll get a nasty spray of liquid on the snout dissuading her from continuing to raise Cain.

You can expect up to 40 hours of battery life with just 2 hours needed to impart a quick charge.

Spare cartridges are readily available and each cartridge gives you 35 sprays.

The collar is compact and completely waterproof so you’ve got comfort and durability combined.

As long as your dog’s neck size is between 8 inches and 28 inches, this collar should fit neatly.

You’ll be buying into a brand with decades of experience helping pet owners just like you if you invest in this PetSafe spray collar.

Key Benefits

  • Class-leading 900-foot range ideal for training your dog in large, open spaces
  • Train more than one dog with a single receiver
  • Unbeatable brand heritage


Is your dog barking inappropriately? Are you finding it impossible to gently get the message through to her? 

Well, DogRook’s no-bark collar is a pocket-friendly collar that won’t stiff you in terms of performance. What makes it so good?

For many pet owners, the though of using static shock collars is unpalatable. While the level of shock administered is only in line with the pain you get from a static shock yourself, some animal lovers can’t bring themselves to introduce any discomfort into their pets’ lives.

No worries with the DogRook since you get just vibration or ultrasonic sound to encourage your furball to behave. With 7 vibration levels, you can ramp up the intensity if your dog is not playing ball.

Sizing is flexible. This collar fits dogs with neck sizes from 9 through 22 inches. Weight-wise, the collar will fit dogs from 8 pounds to 110 pounds.

You won’t need to bother yourself with a remote if you opt for this no-bark collar. Simply attach the water-resistant collar and let the intelligent unit do the hard work for you. All you need to remember is to introduce a little positive reinforcement, too. Reward your mutt with hugs and treats.

If you’re hunting for a humane dog training collar at a bargain basement price, it’s got to be DogRook.

Key Benefits

  • No static correction so a completely humane method of training your pooch
  • Fits almost all sizes and breeds of dogs
  • Multiple vibration levels to encourage more headstrong dogs to tow the line


The PetSafe Elite is yet another outstanding offering from the pet specialist. Available in two variants, for large and smaller dogs, this bark control collar is completely humane with no static shock involved at all. How does it work, then?
Well, correction is delivered through progressive static shock. Ramp up through 10 levels giving your dog a more intense nudge if he fails to respond to gentler encouragement.

If your dog continues barking incessantly, auto shut-off will stop vibration being imparted after 80 seconds.

The intelligent bark recognition will blank out the sound of any nearby dogs barking along with other noises so your dog will only be corrected when he is barking.

The smaller version of this collar is only suitable for small to medium breeds. If your pooch weighs more than 55 pounds or has a neck size larger than 16 inches, shoot for the larger variant of the collar.

Waterproof, submersible, and built to stay the distance, the PetSafe Elite continues to fly off the shelves with just cause.

Key Benefits

  • Decent band of vibration levels so match the correction to your dog’s reaction
  • Great fit for all small to medium breeds
  • Waterproof and submersible so great for outdoor activities


As long as your dog is healthy, 6 months or older, and weighs between 15 and 120 pounds, this rechargeable training collar will make a neat fit.

The ultra-keen pricing is arguably the leading benefit with this collar but do you need to compromise performance in pursuit of a bargain?

Certainly not! Off the bat, you can choose between correcting your dog with beeps, vibration, or static shock. Provided your dog isn’t overly aggressive, you should easily find a method of correction that sits well with her temperament.

The waterproof collar is perfect for rainy walks or strolls by the water. We all know dogs are prone to taking an impromptu dip. If she jumps in, you won’t have anything to worry about.

A single charge of the rechargeable unit delivers up to 14 days of runtime so serves up a very convenient training solution.

If you’re hunting for a cheap dog training collar but you’re not prepared to sacrifice comfort or performance, we’d strongly recommend this offering from The Best Industries.

Key Benefits

  • Choose from 3 training methods (sound, vibration, shock) giving you a multipurpose collar
  • Ideal for all healthy and non-aggressive dogs over 15 pounds and 6 months
  • Safety features built in to protect your furball

Now you have a clear overview of the best anti-bark collars on the market, what should you watch out for on the buying trail?

What To Look For When You’re Buying a Dog Training Collar

Before anything else, you need to think about the type of dog collar that would best suit your canine.

Here are your primary options:

  • Vibration Collar: Vibration collars detect barking using sensors. When inappropriate barking is detected, your dog is administered a vibrating pulse through the collar. These collars offer a completely pain-free solution
  • Ultrasonic Device: Sometimes collars and sometimes in the form of handheld devices, this form of correction niggles your dog with high-pitched sounds if he barks excessively
  • Static Shock Collar: Shock collars are the most popular type although some pet owners are not comfy using these. If you don’t like the idea of a shock collar, don’t even think about using one. You have plenty of other options as we have outlined today. If you are content to use a shock collar, your dog will be subjected to progressive levels of static shock if he barks too much
  • Spray Collar: Spray collars pick up on barking in the same way then spray your dog’s snout with citronella or unscented spray. Eco-friendly and totally humane, this collar is becoming increasingly popular


You should now be ready to push on with the other elements of this buying decision starting with whether you want remote control or an always-on collar…

Remote Control Collar or Always-On Collar?

Remote control training collars allow you to direct and correct your dog from a distance.

An always-on collar is ideal if you spend lots of time away from home.


Unless you’re already convinced of a training method your dog will respond to, you’re best advised to opt for a collar with multiple training modes. 

Whether your dog responds to sound, vibration, or static correction, you should experiment until you find which method works best and which you’re most comfortable with.


With remote control collars, make certain that signal range meshes with the type of training you plan to carry out.

Some devices have a range as short as 15 feet so they only work well indoors or in a small yard. Other units allow you to correct your dog’s behavior at ranges from 300 to 1000 feet so these are ideal for training outdoors in open spaces.


Large or stubborn dogs might need a little more encouragement so most shock collars give you progressive levels of correction to work your way through.

You should be aware, though, that an aggressive dog should not be trained with a shock collar at all. Results will almost certainly be disappointing and possibly even counterproductive.

Do You Want to Train Several Dogs At The Same Time?

Many collars allow you to train several dogs simultaneously using a single receiver. All you’ll need to do is buy extra collars so you’ll make a significant saving. You’ll also be able to use a single remote rather than juggling with multiple units.


Check that your dog falls within the minimum and maximum weight and neck size for the collar you’re looking at.

Waterproof Rating

If you frequently go out for walks in the rain or by the water, make sure you look for a waterproof and submersible collar.

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Closing Words

Well, you should now have a solid idea of which type of training collar might best encourage your furball to stop barking around the clock.

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