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Dog and Cat Grooming

It’s become increasingly normal to treat our furry friends as if they were human. Oftentimes, the relationship with a cat or dog is like a true friendship. So we want to give them the best life possible with tasty, nutritious meals, delicious treats and pamper them to give them healthy shiny fur. Grooming your cat or dog is an opportunity to bond with them and make them look their very best (hopefully). Today, we’ll give you a breakdown various tools to keep your furry friend pampered and loved.

We’ll get started with the canines!

Dog Grooming

For dog grooming, basic equipment needed includes shampoo, conditioner, spray, a drier, comb and brushes.

Dog Shampoo and Conditioner

It’s OK to use human shampoo on dogs but only occasionally due its high acidity. If you bathe your dog regularly, it’s advisable to opt for shampoo and conditioners that are specially formulated for dogs.  These will be created with the dog’s pH skin balance in mind. It’s also recommended that you opt for a dog shampoo that doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals such as fragrance, parabens, artificial colors, or alcohol. When used often on your dog they could develop nasty skin allergies. Professional dog groomers often used a protein based shampoo as it promotes a lovely shine.

Dog Brushes and Combs

Brushing and combing your dog every couple of days will enable you to bond with your dog and keep their coat in tip top condition. It doesn’t matter whether they are short or long-haired. If they don’t tolerate brushing or combing very well, try using treats.  OK, with those dog basics in place, it’s time to consider cat grooming…

Cat Grooming

Cats are generally very clean. They spend a large proportion of time cleaning their fur. But, if they spend a lot of time outdoors, they could be more likely to collect harmful bacteria. Short-haired cats are most unlikely to need a bath, but long-haired cats need a little more maintenance.  If they do end up covered in grease or dirt, you’ll want to bathe them to prevent skin diseases. Similarly, you don’t want to bathe your cat too much as it could cause skin problems. Cat dental health and claw health are also very important. You may also need to wipe their ears from time to time.  

Bathing Your Cat

You can bathe your cat in a sink or a bath. Using only a couple of inches of water, place the cat in the water while keeping hold of the cat’s scruff.  You’ll need to hold on with one hand to prevent them from escaping.  With your free hand wet the cat’s fur with warm water, then gently massage some cat shampoo into the fur. Please note: you must not use human shampoo as this will be toxic and harmful to your cat. Next rinse the fur thoroughly, making sure to check the water runs clear. Any residue left on the fur could irritate their skin. To dry them, empty the water from the sink or bath, removing the plug with your free hand. Next, wrap them up tightly in a towel to stop them getting too cold. Make sure that the room is heated sufficiently to stop them getting cold. If your cat can withstand it you may dry them using a hairdryer. It’s essential that you use a hairdryer on a cool setting to avoid burning their delicate skin.

Shampoos and Conditioners

If your feline friend isn’t too averse to bathing there are shampoos and conditioners available that can help to improve the condition of their fur. To prevent skin diseases or allergies, it’s probably best to opt for shampoo and conditioner products made with natural products.

Brushes and Combs

Brushing your cat’s fur will help to prevent them swallowing fur balls which end up stuck in its tummy or being vomited. It will also keep the condition of their skin and fur in top condition.  There are different types of cat brush on the market. Some have harder bristles while others have soft bristles. When using a brush, be careful it’s not uncomfortable for them. If the brush is too hard it could hurt them or damage their skin. This should be a pleasurable and relaxing experience. Hand brushing gloves are increasingly popular. It enables you to pamper and pet your cat while brushing its fur to give a lovely shine. If fleas are a problem you can comb your cat several times a day with a metal flea comb. This will remove any fleas living in their fur as well as any eggs.

Dental Care

Like humans, cats are prone to gum disease and tooth decay if their teeth aren’t properly looked after. To avoid costly visits to the vet be sure to brush your cat’s teeth two to three times a week. It’s advisable to get your cat’s teeth deep cleaned once a year by your vet.

Cat Toothbrushes

Human toothbrushes are unsuitable for cats as they are too big. The cat toothbrushes available on the market are designed to reach their sharp tiny teeth. Some cat toothbrushes fit on the end of your finger like a thimble, some have tiny brushes that look like miniature toilet brushes. Others look like regular human toothbrushes but with tiny brush heads. The bristles on cat toothbrushes are much softer than human toothbrushes to prevent damaging their tiny gums.

Cat Toothpaste

Human toothpaste is too minty and contains fluoride which is toxic to cats. There are cat toothpaste available that come in cat-friendly flavors such as fish, meat or chicken. 

Cat Claw Clippers

There are 4 main types of cat claw clipper:  
  • Scissors: Scissor clippers are ideal if you’re not used to clipping their claws as it’s easier to see what you’re doing
  • Guillotine: Guillotine claw clippers have two blades that you press together once you’ve positioned your cat’s claw
  • Pliers: Pliers are more suited to cat claws that are particularly tough
  • Electric: Electric cat clippers work fast when you press the button. Good for particularly nervous cats

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Closing Words

Thank you for checking out our advice for grooming cats and dogs! Let us know what you think about these methods in the comments below.

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