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Cat Trees for Large Cats

Do you have large cats at home prone to clawing your furniture when you’re out?

If so, you can easily put a stop to that with a cat tree.

When you have larger pets to consider, you need to make sure that there’s enough space for them not to feel constricted. You should also make certain that the cat furniture you’re looking at is stable enough to provide a secure environment.

Since these nifty little products are pretty simple, we’ll be giving you some snapshot reviews so you can see at a glance which cat tree makes the best fit.

We’ll be tailing off today with a brief buying guide to make your life even easier.

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Top 10 Cat Trees For Large Cats

Alright! Now, let’s dive into the best product selection we researched for this topic.

Let’s go!

To kick off our hunt for the best cat tree for large cats, the first of a pair of Feandrea models delivers in fine style. What makes this cat furniture so good, though?

As with all good scratching trees, your cat can benefit from this furniture in several ways…

If you have a pampered pet, they can drape themselves regally across the padded perches and survey their kingdom from on high. A hammock stretching across provides an even more relaxing position for your pet.

For homeowners with multiple pets, this condo serves up plenty of space for several cats to retain their privacy.

Fur balls and play rope combined with the sisal-covered scratching posts round out an impressive package tat continues to fly off the shelves.

Key Benefits

  • Super-stable thanks to particle board frame
  • Sisal-covered scratching posts promote exercise while rugged enough to stay the distance
  • Top perch makes an ideal vantage point for your furball


Most cat trees perform the same job, namely to keep your pet comfy while also promoting stimulation and exercise. Rather than reinventing the wheel, Bewishome ensures this cat furniture does its job as intended.

The interactive environment gives your feline plenty of scope for exploring and the scratching posts onboard should protect your chairs and sofa from being torn to pieces. 

Whether your kitty prefers to lounge across in the hammock, peer out from on high or take one of the covered beds on the middle layers, there’s ample choice whatever his mood.

This furniture works well with larger kittens and also adult cats. Choose from a variety of muted colors so you can coordinate with your existing décor.

Key Benefits

  • Range of colorways to match all décor 
  • No tasky assembly and you’ll be up and running straight out the box
  • Multi-layered fun for your cat but still superbly rigid and stable


The aptly-named Jungle from Go Pet gives your cats a stimulating base with plenty of scope for both relaxation and stimulating exercise.

Standing fully 70 inches tall this tower is large enough for even bulkier and more energetic cats.

Split across several levels, you can give your cat an unrivalled condo experience. Whether he chooses to slumber away under cover or monitor things from on high, your cat can mix it up according to mood.

When it’s time for play, he can make merry with the rope swings. The standard-issue sisal-covered scratching posts do their part and ensure you don’t return home to butchered furniture.

A faux-fur finish means this cat tree molds into your living space without dominating.

Key Benefits

  • Generous 70-inch tree ideal for larger and more energetic cats
  • Multiple highly durable scratching posts to keep your cat’s claws away from your furniture
  • Rope swings to inject some fun into proceedings


If you’re looking for a cheap cat tree but you’re not prepared to compromise on quality, AmazonBasics comes to the rescue. This platform-style cat tree comes in a wide spectrum of colors. You can also vary the layout depending on your cat’s behavior and preferences so take your time assessing your options.

With multiple floors, your cat has enough room to lounge, sleep, and play in one self-contained unit.

The muted color schemes ensure this cat furniture doesn’t clash with your décor or look out of place.

If you want to keep your playful cats away from your wooden furniture when you’re out, do your part and invest in a meaningful alternative. Keep them occupied and you’ll keep your chair legs safe!

Key Benefits

  • Available in multiple configurations and oversized variants for larger cats
  • Broad array of color schemes 
  • Outstanding price/performance ratio


If you want a quick and easy install, this wooden cat tower comes with everything you need in the box to be up and running in just 15 minutes.

The particleboard cubby holes give your feline plenty of space to take a nap while the upper tiers allow him to climb up and watch the day unfold.

As a pet owner, you’ll know your beloved fur babies kick up a great deal of mess. Regularly remove and wash the mats from this tower and you’ll keep maintenance to a minimum.

Load-bearing capacity is 70 pounds so you’ve got no worries even if your cat is large and bulky.

Backed by a solid 1-year limited warranty, what are you waiting for?

Key Benefits

  • Top-notch wooden build combines aesthetics with durability without costing the earth
  • Removable mats streamline cleaning
  • Set this tower in 15 minutes flat with all tools and hardware required thrown in


Marketed as a Christmas cat tree, you’re good to go any time of the year with this rattan gem.

To kick off, if you’re not entirely satisfied with this cat furniture, send it back during the first week and you get a no-questions refund. What more can you ask for?

Well, you’ll get a multi-tiered tower arrangement giving your felines enough space to spread out, sleep or take a rest.

From the hanging balls for stimulation to the cat litter and pet-friendly build, this rattan cat tree is a wonderful way to keep your pet happy, entertained, and away from your precious furniture.

Key Benefits

  • Made from stain-resistant and breathable rattan for form combined with function
  • Benefit from multiple floors without losing out on stability
  • No-quibbles 7-day money-back guarantee removes any trepidation from purchase


If you want to keep your cat engaged and active, providing him with a worthwhile climbing tower is a smart move.

With minimal assembly and no drilling required, you can install this wall-mounted unit using nothing but a hammer and screwdriver.

A nice touch with this kit is the ability to pick up replacement posts so you won’t need a complete new unit when your feline wrecks the post.

For a stripped-down approach to cat trees built to last, PetFusion smash another home run with this climbing tower.

Key Benefits

  • Interactive design encourages your cat to be active
  • Quick and easy wall-mounted assembly
  • Accommodates even large cats with ease


Feandrea is a company started by pet-lovers for pet-lovers. The passion of the owners shows through in their broad range of thoughtful products designed with animal welfare at heart.

Although this tower arrangement is spacious enough for several larger cats, equal attention has been placed on stability. From the reinforced base through to anti-tipping hardware, you won’t need to worry about your pets taking a tumble.

While at first glance, this might seem like quite an expensive addition to your pet’s area, when you analyze how much fun they get, the return on investment is enormous.

If you have smaller cats, Feandrea has plenty of more compact cat trees for you to choose from.

Key Benefits

  • Tall but stable tower perfect for larger pets
  • Enough privacy if you have several cats in the house
  • Strengthened base plate for added stability


Specifically designed with larger cats in mind, this cat tree from Tooca gives inquisitive pets plenty of stimulation.

As with any tower arrangement for big cats, stability is key. From the weighted base to the anchoring throughout, you’ll have no worries on that score. This model works well even if you have a vigorous and energetic ball of fur at home.

Assembly is straightforward with comprehensive instructions provided. If you run into any snags, customer care is responsive and helpful.

Standing 67 inches high and with several layers of relaxation, stimulation and rest to lure in your cat, you’ll be delighted you treated your pet to this new home.

Key Benefits

  • Several sisal-lined posts to keep your cats occupied and away from your chair legs
  • Ultra-stable cat tree ideal for larger animals
  • Scratching ladders designed to cater for smaller cats, too


If you want a multipurpose cat tree with adequate space for more than one cat or kitten, Potby comes through in fine style.

The padded cloth means your cat will be reclining in comfort. That said, the material is also capable of withstanding plenty of punishment.

Even if you have several cats simultaneously playing with the ropes, the unit stays strong and stable. This is obviously key as you don’t want cat trees buckling under duress.

You should be ready to roll in no more than 30 minutes with a reasonably simple installation.

Key Benefits

  • Works well for a range of pets from kittens through to larger cats
  • Easily blends in with your existing furniture
  • Space enough for more than one cat without sacrificing privacy

With our reviews of the best cat trees for large cats put to bed, it’s time to round out with a few quick pointers to help you buy the most suitable furniture for your pets the easy way.

What To Look For When You’re Buying a Cat Tree

While buying a cat tree for large cats might seem like the simplest possible buying decision, there are nevertheless a few factors to double down on:

  • Overall Dimensions
  • Ease of Assembly
  • Safety and Stability
  • Appearance
  • Durability
  • Scratching Posts
  • Entertainment

Overall Dimensions

If you need to accommodate a larger cat, you obviously need to focus on cat furniture designed for that purpose. Buy something intended for kittens or smaller cats and you’re asking for trouble.

Space is always at a premium so you need to make sure your cat has enough room while also ensuring the cat tree doesn’t dominate your living room and eat up too much real estate.

You should also consider whether or not the cat tree is tall enough to offer your furball the vantage point he wants from up on high.

We’ve included cat trees across a range of sizes today but all are suitable for larger cats.

Ease of Assembly

The best cat tree is useless if you can’t set it up without breaking your back.

Most of the models we review today can be installed in 15 to 30 minutes and require no real practical skills. You should expect all the hardware and any tools you need bundled.

Check for any backlash about instructions or difficulty assembling and give these models a swerve. Stick with the 10 trees we highlight above and you’re in safe hands.

Safety and Stability

If you have several cats likely to vying for primacy on the new tree, make sure the model you’re looking at is stable and won’t end up toppling over.

Wide and weighted bases along with anti-toppling grips are good to look out for.

Avoid any smaller or flimsy cat trees if you plan to unleash a larger pet.


Most of these cat trees are pretty sizeable so it’s essential to get one you don’t mind the look of.

Opt for neutral colors if you want your pet furniture to blend in rather than standing out like a sore thumb. 

While design is unlikely to be the deciding factor in your buying decision, don’t overlook the importance of appearance.


While you’ll want the cat tree to look good, that’s not much use if it’s not built to last.

When assessing materials, look for a combination of aesthetics, comfort, and durability. This is a delicate balance to strike but worth aiming for.

Scratching Posts

Sisal-covered scratching posts will keep your cat stimulated and out of mischief. If you provide your feline with an alternative to your furniture, you can prevent the heartache of returning home to more gnawed fabric and scratched wood.


From rope swings and hammocks to hanging balls and split levels to explore, let your cat roam wild and get back to basics.

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Closing Words

Investing in a cat tree is a winner all-round.

Your beloved furball can stay stimulated while enjoying the space to relax, sleep, and play. In turn, you’ll prevent any more damage to your precious furniture.

Bookmark Pet Gear Zone and come back soon. We’re only just starting out but we already have an ambitious content calendar in place. Our aim is to make this your go-to resource for all things pet-related so pop back next week and we’ll have some fighting fish coming your way!

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