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Betta Fish Food Reviews and Buying Guide 2020

We recently took a look at the staggering array of betta fish and walked you through the basics of these colorful fighting fish. If you’re interested in keeping these graceful but selfish creatures at home, you’ll need to make sure you get the right food to sustain them. Use the right food and you’ll also find the natural colors in your fish become even more splendid. If you have no real idea what you’re looking for when it comes to choosing the right food, scroll down to our buying guide. If, on the other hand, you’re an old hand with fighting fish, see what you think of our top 10 betta fish foods…
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Top 10 Betta Fish Foods

Alright! Now, let’s dive into the best product selection we researched for this topic.

Let’s go!

To kick things off, some freeze-dried blood worms your fighting fish will go crazy for. Where real live blood worms can carry with them unwanted organisms, the freeze-dried variety are completely safe while still delivering nutritionally.

Great for bettas and small to medium tropical fish, these treats should be interweaved with regular food to effectively supplement your betta’s diet. You should use these blood worms twice or three times a week.

This flake feed is also supportive of vitality and color while leaving behind very little waste.

Key Benefits

  • Ideal for bettas as well as other tropical and marine fish so highly versatile feed
  • Get the advantages of live blood worms but not the undesirable organisms that come with them
  • Supplement your regular feed to give your fighting fish more energy


These pellets are designed to float slightly so your betta fish will be urged to the surface to the feed. 

Laced with sustainable fish and squid, your fighting fish will get plenty of protein along with the other nutrients they need to thrive.

You won’t get any hormones in this food but you will get color enhancers to ensure your betta are glimmering. With ginger and garlic helping to fight away any parasites and top-notch protein to fuel your bettas, this is a welcome new addition to New Life Spectrum’s widening bench of fish foods.

Key Benefits

  • Semi-floating pellets with hormone-free color enhancer to bring out the best in your betta fish
  • Krill and sustainable squid as sources of protein
  • Bentonite clay acts as a binder while also supplying beneficial minerals


If you’re hunting for some fish food that absorbs easily and sinks slowly, Bynee is a smart choice.

The clear water formula consists of slow-sinking pellets so your fish won’t gorge themselves and can feed gradually.

Loaded with color enhancers, your betta fish will make an even more commanding statement than ever.

Suitable for a wide spread of fish, this feed is cost-effective and sure to delight your fighting fish.

Key Benefits

  • High-protein formula to promote rapid growth
  • Bright color enhancer to increase lifespan and appearance
  • No artificial colors or dyes to cloud the water


Despite fish food seeming a bewildering array of different options, if you stick with freeze-dried bloodworms, you can’t go wrong.

This mix works well with bettas and also serves as a primary food for other less aggressive freshwater fish.

Since bloodworms can cause an allergic reaction in some people, handle with care and discontinue use if you find yourself irritated.

Key Benefits

  • All-natural freeze-dried blood worms to give your betta fish a taste of the wild
  • Works as a primary food for small freshwater fish
  • Your betta fish will find this food easy to eat


Tetra has a broad line of top-notch fish food and these betta-specific pellets give your Siamese fighting fish all the nutrients they need to flourish.

The carotenoids in this formula bring out the glimmering best in the colors of your precious pets while the floating pellets are tailor-made for top-feeding betta fish.

The formula also contains nutrients that support the immune systems of your bettas.

Throw in as much as your betta fish will eat a couple of times a day and you’ll be delighted you made the investment as your fighting fish go from strength to strength.

Key Benefits

  • Color-enhancing carotenoids to make your fighting fish glimmer
  • Suitable for feeding your betta fish several times daily
  • ProCare formula helps support your betta’s immune system


The WellPet formula in Aqueon’s prime betta food comes equipped to encourage general wellbeing and immune support of your prized fish.

Ingredients have been carefully selected by marine biologists and nutritionists to replicate a betta’s natural diet.

Treat your fish to these floating pellets and you can watch them greedily feed from the surface secure that their bodies will be supercharged with nutrients without costing you the earth.

Key Benefits

  • Developed by marine nutritionists so your fish are in safe hands
  • Floating pellets encourage surface feeding
  • Food works to bolster the immune system


Are you looking for some floating food that’s been specially designed for the complex needs of fighting fish? Is so, S&C Aquatics is a highly reputable brand with an impressive array of food including this Super Betta Mix.

As with all good betta fish food, this mix is riddled with protein from fish and seafood. You should notice an increase in energy and general vitality when you introduce this feed into the tank.

From a 1oz sample size to check your fish like the taste through to a bumper 32oz pack, you’re spoiled for choice with sizings.

Key Benefits

  • Wide range of sizes to suit all tastes and budgets
  • Great protein sources from krill and shrimp
  • Packed with nutrients for your fighting fish


More slow-sinking pellets ideal for tropical fish, Home Grown Ponics are filled to the brim with natural color enhancers so your betta fish will shine.

Sized at a tiny 0.5mm, the pellets will remain near the surface so your betta fish can feed as they would in the wild.

These pellets also work well with any other tropical fish so they’re a versatile option if you have several tanks with different breeds. Simplify feeding with this all-in-one solution.

Key Benefits

  • All-natural color enhancers get the job done effectively
  • Slow-sinking pellets prod your fighting fish into surface feeding
  • Versatile pellets suitable for all tropical fish


If you’re looking to mix feeding up and throw your bettas a treat from time to time, there’s little better than these banquet blocks.

The krill-laden pellets have all the protein your fighting fish need for robust health. They’ll also benefit from a variety of other nutrients crucial for their overall health.

This formula is expressly designed so your betta fish can feed throughout the day rather than gorging and potentially bloating themselves.

Key Benefits

  • Packed with pellets and krill to deliver your fighting fish all the nutrients they need
  • 6-pack delivers outstanding value for money
  • Formula allows for all-day feeding


Last but certainly not least, Dr Tim’s Aquatics is an all-natural you just need to mix up and freeze then unleash on your appreciative bettas. They’ll love the taste of this protein-dense formula not marred by any binders or fillers.

Introduce this feed to your fighting fish and you can expect waste in the tank to halve. You’ll also notice your bettas in sprightlier condition and with far less bloating menacing them.

All-natural ingredients include natural color enhancers so your already-brilliant fighting fish should take on an even deeper luster.

Key Benefits

  • Mix, freeze, and serve for a change from pellets and flake food
  • Loaded with protein and nutrients
  • No binders or fillers to bloat your precious fighting fish

With our betta food fish reviews nailed, it’s time to round out with advice to simplify your buying decision.

What To Think About For When You’re Looking at Betta Fish Food

If you’re completely new to fighting fish, don’t panic…

There’s not much to know about feeding your new pets and we’ll walk you through the basics today. If you come back soon, we’re building out a complete library of resources for fighting fish but for now, we’ll laser in on the following areas:

  • Type of Food
  • What’s On The Label?
  • How Much Should You Feed Your Betta Fish?
  • How Often Should You Feed Your Betta Fish?

Type of Food

The first thing you need to double down on is the type of food you’ll be serving up for your bettas.

Here are the main options at your disposal:

  • Pellets 
  • Flakes
  • Freeze-Dried Food
  • Frozen Food
  • Live Food


Pellets are highly effective betta food and you can use these as daily feed.

Higher quality than flakes, you should be able to easily find pellets online or at your local pet store.

You can find pellets in a wide range of shapes and sizes and, of course, at varying price points. Even the better pellets are not especially expensive so don’t try to cut corners here. It’s worth investing in the best food you can find.


Flakes are perhaps the most popular food for bettas and also very cost-effective. This pricing rather than quality is the reason so many betta owners flock to flakes.

While less nutritious than fresh or wild foods, you can be sure your fighting fish will get the nutrients they need from flakes. That said, you shouldn’t be using flakes as the primary food source for your fighting fish or they will suffer for it.

Freeze-Dried Food

You get the same foods here as you find with live foods except they have been frozen and the moisture removed.

A notch up from either flakes or pellets in terms of nutritional value, freeze-dried foods can’t compete with live alternatives if you’re focusing purely on quality.

Frozen Food

Taking live food and freezing it gives you the convenience of having plenty of food on hand without losing too much by the way of nutrients.

Live Food

Live foods, from worms through to shrimps, guarantee your betta is getting a dense nutrient-fest with each feed.

Price varies considerably and you’ll need to find a trustworthy supplier close to home.


With those basics in place, you should have an idea of the main varieties of betta fish food up for grabs. How can you hope to read those confusing labels, though?

What’s On The Label?

Fighting fish need a balanced diet with both meat-based and plant-based foods.

Ingredients are listed in descending order. Always check that a good source of protein is near the top of the list. Typically, this protein is derived from fish.

Check closely for artificial additives and any chemicals or preservatives used.

The ratio of ingredients should be balanced and varied. Look for plenty of fats and fiber as well as protein.

Filler ingredients are normally bad news and lead to bloated fish so make sure these are not used in the food you’re considering. To reiterate, most betta fish food comes reasonably priced so there’s no need to cut corners and impact the health of your beloved fish.

So far, so good. We’ll round out with a glimpse at how much and how often you should be feeding your fighting fish.

How Much Should You Feed Your Betta Fish?

Fish are unable to regulate their appetite. Since they can’t determine when they are full, you need to ensure they don’t overeat.

To gauge how much your betta fish eat, time them for 2 minutes. Extend this slightly if you feel they eat slowly.

As a loose guideline to work from, the portion size should be roughly 5% of your fish’s body size.

Note: If you’re using pellets or granules, be certain to remove any excess from the bottom of the tank. Old food will end up negatively impacting water quality and resultantly the health of your fish will suffer.

How Often Should You Feed Your Betta Fish?

Even though they seem aggressive and lively, fish the size of bettas don’t actually need that much food.

Feeding twice daily is generally sufficient. You can intersperse some treats between feeds for a little more variety.

Note: Never mix food types in one feed. This can overload the fragile digestive systems of betta leading to health complications.

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Closing Words

We hope you’ve got ample inspiration now for feeding your precious fighting fish. If you’re going to the time and trouble to keep this magnificent marine warriors, you should invest in the best food you can find.

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